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  • NEW 2014 Turbo Bike Co. stems

    Here is a sneak peak at our NEW 2015 Turbo Bike Co. stems. These puppies are strong and lightweight. They are made of one peice solid 7000 series aluminum and CNC down to a cool looking, yet functional stem. These 1 1/8 stems have a 53mm reach OR 48mm reach, and will come in a bunch of colors. Current colors include gloss black, Bling Gold, red, and OIL SPILL. Get them now at Turbo dealers or on The black Market (www.littleblackmarketshop.com).

  • Disney cup

    Disney Cup quick wrap: (raced A Pro)... Disney Cup done! Out in quarters all 3 days, not really what I was hoping for. Still an awesome experience and its been a while since I've had this much fun racing. Learning a lot too! Now to find some elbows AND BALLS! Jerry Mania pic of course... Blake...

  • Team Access Hire Australia/ Turbo Bike Co.

    Team Access Hire Australia/ Turbo Bike Co. all decked out on their new Turbo Bike Co. rides, including the new Turbo Bike Co. Expert frame. Currently the only one in Oz.

  • podium

    Well I got 2nd last night behind the Snake but he crashed today in our LCQ and took me out in the process and my front tire blew out so I could not finish the race and did not qualify. This is yesterdays podium.

  • race

    Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler last weekend in the Snakepit... Leading the top rider in his class... Oh Yeah!!!

  • race

    News just in from one of our grassrootes teams (Team Access Hire Australia/Turbo Bike Co.), rider Ethan Pimblett. I raced the WA Super Series Round 6 race last weekend at Northam Track. This is my first race back after my recovery from broken back and I clean sheeted, thanks to my Turbo charged bike.

  • race

    It is sad news that our co-sponsored elite/pro rider Alex Cameron has been signed by another bike brand. Alex will be missed here at Turbo Bike Co. and over at Thud Racing. We wish him all the best...

  • race

    #51 "Hacksaw" Wheeler is in da house! Last weekend Hacksaw went head-to-head with his nemisis on his new "Skyrocket Blue" Turbo Bike Co. frame and took down his biggest rival. He had a good weekend and rode his Turbo bike to the top step of the podium on Sunday at a triple points race. He beat Ronnie "The Snake" Wilson, a Kaos rider who had beat the "Hacksaw" in the last couple of weeks. Hacksaw has kicked it up a gear or two since being on his new Turbo ride. "The Turbo frame corners like no other frame I have ever ridden. It kills it hands down!!!"

  • "Hacksaw" Wheeler training hard on his "Skyrocket Blue" Turbo BMX bike in the hope to take down his competition... Go the Hacksaw....

  • Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler just sent us in a pic of his new ride, the Turbo Bike Co. "Skyrocket Blue" Pro-XL 21" TT frame. His new ride has already taken him to the podium.

  • Keep your eye on this space as we will be revealing images of our new 2014 Prototype Pro Cruiser frame and Turbo Expert frame very soon. Here is a sneak peak at the new "Hot Pink Pursuit" Turbo bars that Alex Cameron will be running on his bike. Alex will be running the standard sized 28" wide x 8" tall bars that will suit most riders. Jordy Lecher will also be using the new Turbo Bars, but he will be running the new "XT" version, that stands for "Xtra Tall", as these bars will be 29" wide x 8.25" high for all those taller riders. BMX Mad and Carters Cycles will have limited quantities of Turbo bars in both sizes in stock real soon.

  • Congrats to the Blackman Bicycles HPP Team who are co-dealed on Turbo Bike Co. frames, that went to the UCI Worlds in New Zealand. Jordy Lecher rode in the ultra tough Junior Men class. Jordy made it all the way to the semi final where he finished 6th. He was also the fastest Aussie in the Junior Men time trial. Mitchell Chaston made it all the way to the semis in the 16 boys before missing the cut. He was the last Aussie standing in his class. Kyle Jaehne wowed the Aussie contingent on his way to nailing down World #4 in the cruiser class. Gemma-Lee Thomas has been literally going scary fast for a while now and she packed her recent form in a suitcase and took it with her to NZ and blitzed it all the way to World #4 in the 16 girls. Well done to the Blackman Bicycles HPP Team!!! Now that the Worlds is run and done, the Blackmans Bicycles HPP Team will be switching over to their new Turbo frames. Expect to see Jordy and the rest of the Blackmans Bicycles HPP Team shredding up the track on their new Turbo frames.

  • Yo it is "Hacksaw" Wheeler just dropping in to let you know how much I love my new Turbo Bike Co. frame in "Skyrocket" Blue. I had my first race on it last weekend and straight out of the box the new frame is nuts! I had an awesome race and finished with a good 2nd place. I was beat by the same rider that beat me the prior weekend. This time the lead changed three times and I was winning into the last turn where he pulled a good move and it stuck for him, which gave him the win. I can't complain too much, he didn't win because of a mistake by me, he just pulled a good move, and he is also a 35x class rider and I am 41x, so he has a few years on me. Everyone I spoke with loves the bike. When I built the bike I didn't have to go and fine tune it after riding it, and it went together first go. When I get some pictures I will send them in...

  • Jordan Lecher has picked up his brand new Turbo Bike Co. frame Pro-XXL size in Turbo Red. He will will jumping onto this puppy as soon as he gets back from the UCI Worlds where he will be representing Australia. See Jordy and the rest of the Blackman Bicycles HPP Team shredding up the track real soon on their Turbo Bikes. Turbo Bike Co. frames are now in stock at most dealers. Blackman Bicycles received their delivery of frames last Friday.

  • As it so happens, to celebrate the release of the new Turbo Bike Co. frames, Hollywood decided to annouce the release of "Turbo" a new adrenaline packed animated movie... lol... No serieously, 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks who are known for some of the most successful blockbuster movies of all time has released a new flick called "Turbo"... It is due to hit the cinemas here in July.

  • All Turbo Bike Co. frames are now in stock at the Turbo warehouse... The picture below is just some of the frames now in stock. By the time you read this, our dealers will have them. You have a choice of three frame sizes (Pro 20.75" TT, Pro-XL 21" TT, and Pro-XXL 21.41" TT), and a choice of five colours, Turbo Red, Skyrocket Blue, Porshe Gloss Black, Hot Pursuit Pink and limited colourway of marone. All frames come with cool chrome/black and white decals and laser etched graphics. Blake Schofield, Michael "Tiger" Robinson and Alex Cameron have not only tested and raced their Turbo Bike Co. frames, but they have taken their Turbo Bikes all the way to the podium. Rush down to your local Turbo dealer and Turbo boost your ride... Keep your eyes out for more Turbo Bike Co. products later in the year...

  • The Production run of Turbo Bike Co. frames have been finsihed and are on the way to our warehouse now. Below is a picture of some of the finished frames. This batch has 3 sizes of 20" frames in five colours. These frames have been tested, designed and shredded by Elite riders Michael "Tiger" Robinson, Blake Schofield and Alex Cameron, as well as amateur riders Tony Hancox and Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler. These frames will hit the stores in a couple of weeks, so pre-order your frame now. Choose from Pro, Pro-XL and Pro-XXL sizes in Turbo Red, Porsche Gloss Black, Skyrocket Blue, Pink and limited colourway of Maroon. Pro-orders can be made now at Blackman Bicycles and Carters Cycles.

  • The new batch of Turbo Bike Co. frames are due in soon. If you are after a frame then call Blackmans Bicycles who have placed their order and they will back order you a frame. Carters Cycles in Newcastle have also placed a new order of Turbo Bike Co. frames. They have a couple of frames in stock at the moment if you want to get in before anyone else (Gloss Black and Marone are in stock). All the colours below will soon be in stock. So pick your favourite colour and order it in.

  • Thud Co-rider Alex Cameron has been on a tear lately on his Turbo Bike Co. frame. He hit up the ACT Titles in Canberra which included rounds 5 and 6 of the National Elite Series. Alex rode his Turbo frame to 8th place in a tough Elite Men class in round 6 after missing the cut the day prior when he bombed out in the semi final. On the Sunday he stepped it up another gear to score third place on the podium in the AA-Pro class to back up a second place in this event last year. Alex can be seen out on the track in his Thud Racing gear on his "Skyrocket Blue" Turbo Bike Co. frame.

    Factory Turbo Bike Co. Team rider Blake Schofield had a tough day at the office when he missed the semi finals both days. On Sunday in the AA-Pro class blake made the semi finals and after a tough lap he missed the cut for the final.

  • Turbo Bike Co. has agreed to terms with Blackman Bicycles to co-sponsor their new Blackmans HPP team. This team will consist of three riders, and they will all be riding the all new Turbo Bike Co. frames. The new look team will be all decked out in Thud Racing pants and gloves, and a new look red and black HPP Team version of the Blackman Bicycles jersey courtesy of Rad Clothin.

  • Turbo Team Riders Michael "Tiger Robinson (see pic above) and Blake Schofield (See pic below) hit up round one of the new race season at the Nerang Internationals.Day one Blake rode hard with some mixed results and missed the cut through the Elite Men quarters. Tiger reclassified to "Vet Pro/ Masters". He killed it all day and easily made it through the semis and into the final. He holeshot the final and a mistake on turn two allowed him to be passed. In the third straight Tiger found himself on the infield and finsihed 8th. Day two and it was all guns blazing again. Blake once again fell victim in the quarters. In Masters Tiger was making up for yesterday. This time he made the final and corrected his mistake on turn two, to go on and win the final easily.

    Thud Factory Team rider, and Turbo Bike Co. co-deal rider Alex Cameron (See pic below) had a huge weekend. On day one he made the tough Elite Men final and finished 5th. Day two was much the same as Alex made the final and once again finished 5th. On day three Alex hit up the tough AA-Pro class which had 45 riders. He once again made a tough final. At one stage Alex was sitting second, but he left the door open on the inside of the last turn and was passed to finish 3rd. It was a great hit out by all team riders on their new production Turbo Bike Co. frames.

    The shipment of Turbo Bike Co frames are due to hit the shelves in a couple of months. Carters Cycles has limited quantities of advance production frames. Get them while they last.