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  • Here is a sneak peak at Michael "Tiger" Robinson's production version Pro-XXL Turbo Bike Co. frame in "Skyrocket Blue". Catch him at a race near you tearing things up..

  • If anyone is after a Turbo Bike Co. frame, call Carters Cycles near Newcastle as he has taken delivery of a couple advanced production models. Be quick as stocks won't last. If you miss out here, the production run should be here around March. He will send it anywhere in Oz. Carters also have in stock the new Thud racing gloves in various sizes, designs and colours. Make sure you check out our new advert in BMXPress Magazine which is also out now.

  • Alex Cameron made his full debut for Thud Racing on his new "Skyrocket Blue" Turbo Bike Co. Pro-XL frame at the 2012 ACT Titles in front of a capacity crowd. He finished second on the podium in a very tough AA-Pro Class. This backs up his handful of podium finishes since taken up a co-deal with Turbo bikes, including winning the NSW Vs Vic event recently in AA-Pro.

  • Make sure you catch the next huge issue of BMXPress Magazine which is due to hit the stands pretty soon with the new Turbo Bike Co. advert featuring Blake Schofield. The same issue also has Alex Cameron in the Thud Racing advert shredding things up on his Turbo Bike.

  • Here is a sneak peak at the Pre-Production Turbo frames that are due out early next year. The frames you see in this picture are the Turbo Bike Co. Factory Team frames and Thud Factory Team rider Alex Cameron who is co-dealed by Turbo Bikes frame. Frames sizes range from Pro size through to the Pro-Cruiser sizes. Catch the team riders on the new frames at the WA State Titles 2012, Nerang QLD, and the West Coast Nationals in WA in January. When you see the team riders shredding their Turbos, stop by and ask them about the frames...

    All Turbo Bike Co. frames are made of 7000 Series aluminium, heat treated and double butted tubing. The rear drop outs are Turbo Bikes custom 3D drop outs. These rides have been tested by team riders for a year, and have already won many laps.

    All enquiries to Turbo Bikes.

  • The Turbo Bike Co. Factory team riders received their shipment of the new Thud Racing "Omen" gloves in red, white and black.

    Blake Schofield giving us a look at his cool new ride and his cool new Thud Racing gloves.

  • Congratulations to Turbo Factory Team rider Blake Schofield who made the trip over to the East Coast to ride the Queensland State Titles. Unfortunately he bombed out in the semis. He was in a transfer spot most of his semi lap before finishing outside the top four who transfer.

    Blake also hit up the NT Titles where he scored 3rd in Pro-Open. Catch Blake on his dialled up Turbo Bike Co. frame at a track near you.

  • Congratulations to Thud Racing Factory Team rider and Co-Sponsored Turbo Bike Co. rider Alex Cameron who took out the AA-Pro class at the NSW Vs Vic race recently and scored 3rd overall at the 2012 NSW State Championships in the hotly contested Elite Mens Class on board his Pearl Purple Turbo Pro-XL frame.

  • Keep your eye out on the Turbo Bike Co. Factory Team riders who will be kitted out in the new custom made Rad Custom Clothing/ Thud Racing / Turbo Bike Co. race pants. They are quality pants made to shred and our Turbo Factory Team will look sharp in them.

  • All Turbo Factory Team riders and co-sponsored riders will be on board their new 2013 Turbo Bike Co. prototype frames around the end of October 2012. Make sure you check them out at a track near you.

    Turbo Bike Co. is now co-dealed for race gloves with Thud Racing. They will be out and about wearing the Thud Racing "Omen" race gloves in red/white and black colours.
    Don't forget to check out our new advert in BMXPress Magazine with Blake Schofield shredding the pro section at the 2012 Nationals.

  • Alex Cameron is riding on a co-deal with Turbo Bikes along with his major sponsor Thud Racing. This picture of Alex was taken at the 2012 Penrith Super Nats during practice. Alex is on his Pearl Purple Turbo Pro-XL frame. He also took his Turbo bike to 2nd place at the 2012 Tamworth race in AA-Pro.

  • In other team news Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler who rides on our USA team sent us a cool pic where he is shredding things up on his cool looking baby pink Mike "Hollywood" Miranda inspired coloured Turbo frame and white Turbo bars. Pic courtesy of Shannon Sikes, Track Operator Oak mountain BMX.

  • Turbo Bike Co team pilot Blake Schofield is back on his bike doing a bit of riding after his crash at the 2012 UCI Worlds in the UK, where he broke his shoulder blade. Catch him at a race soon on board his Turbo red Pro-XL frame.

  • In related news Alex Cameron is riding a Turbo frame on a co-deal. He will be wearing the Thud Racing colours, his major sponsor, aboard the new Turbo BMX frames.

  • Here is a sneak peak at Turbo Bike Co. rider Tony Hancox showing off on his pearl purple Pro Cruiser Turbo bike.

  • Blake Schofield made the big trip over to the 2012 UCI World Championships in England. His trip ended abruptly when he had a bad crash in practice and broke his shoulder blade. He will be sidelined for about 4-6 weeks. During this time he will be building up his new Turbo Bike Co. frame in Turbo Red. We all hope to see him out on the track real soon...

  • Good luck to Blake Schofield who has headed off to the UCI BMX Worlds in Birmingham England/ UK to race in the elite men class. When he gets back he will be on a new shiny bright Turbo Red Turbo Bike Co. / Turbo BMX Pro-XXL frame.

    A special shout out to all the Australian riders (BMXA), Australian Team riders, and the High Performance Team / Squad riders competing at the UCI BMX Worlds in Birmingham England/ UK.

  • Check out USA Turbo Bike Co. Factory Team rider Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler's new Turbo BMX Baby Pink Pro-XL frame.

  • Over the Australian BMX Championships weekend Blake Schofield competed in the highly competitive Elite Mens class representing BMX WA and Turbo Bike Co. In the Probikx round Blake bombed in the semi's with a 5th place. In the title race he crashed in his semi as he was about to pass a fallen rider and into 4th place, which would have given him a spot in the main. See Blake and the Turbo Bike Co. team shredding the rest of the season on their new Turbo BMX bikes. Pic courtesy of BMXPress Magazine.

  • Turbo Bike Co. Factory Team rider Blake Schofield showing off his new Turbo BMX Pit top by Rad Custom Clothing.

  • Good luck to Blake Schofield who will be competing at the 2012 Australian National Championships in Blue Lake / Mount Gambier South Australia in the loaded elite men class.

  • Tony Hancox has his new PROTOTYPE Turbo Bike Co. pro cruiser rocking. He is rocking the Turbo BMX Pearl Purple colour.

  • Blake Schofield and Tony Hancox have received delivery of their new PROTOTYPE Turbo BMX aluminium race frames. Catch Tony on his sexy Purple frame, while Blake is rocken a Pearl White frame.

  • Tony Hancox, Blake Schofield and Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler will have their new Turbo BMX prototype frames, along with the Turbo Bars, Turbo micro adjust seat post, Turbo quick release seat clamp and Turbo chain adjusters next week to shred the track on.

    Also keep your eye out on the Turbo Bike Co. Factory Team in their new Turbo BMX Pit Tops by Rad Custom Clothing getting around the pits at the races.

  • Congratulations to Turbo Factory rider Blake Schofield who scored second at the WA State Super Series last weekend in the AA-Pro class. He was seen holeshotting every lap flying the Turbo colours.

  • Congratulations to Blake Schofield who was representing Turbo Bike Co and WA at the recent UCI race in Canberra where he scored 8th. The conditions were trying and very difficult for all concerned with the ACT Titles being cancelled.

    Next week we take delivery of our frames that will kit out our team riders. Check out the frames and some funky colours that the Turbo Team riders will be shredding up things on.

    Keep your eye out for the new Turbo Bike Co. advert in the upcoming issue of BMXPRESS Magazine.

  • Michael Robinson assessed his new prototype Turbo as being awesome. It is solid, stiff, great in the air and had a nice steep head angle to work the tight turns. It is the lightest alloy frame that I have ridden. I am looking forward to riding it hard again when I hook up with team mate Blake Schofield in WA for the next big Probikx round later on this month.

  • Both Michael Robinson and Blake Schofield made their debut on Turbo Bike Co. at the 2012 Nerang Nats and BMXA Probikx rounds held on the Queensland, Gold Coast.

    Day one had both riders flying which got them all the way to the semi finals out of almost 40 riders. Luck wasn't with them with both Blake and Michael missing a transfer spot into the main with 5th place finishes.

    Day two was another tough day at the office with both riders bombing out in their quarter finals. Michael was in fourth going into the last turn in his quarter when has was passed and missed the cut.

    Blake Schofield backed up for the pro race on Sunday. His day ended when he crashed hard in the first turn and got run over and was taken to the St Johns tent with mild concussion.