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2011 Archives
  • Michael "Tiger" Robinson has been "Turbo Boosted"!!! Here is a sneak peak at Michael Robinson's new Turbo Green Machine, already to rock at Nerang.

  • The first ever Turbo Pro-XXL frame has arrived. Here is a sneak peak... See Michael "Tiger" Robinson on his Kawasaki Green Turbo frame at the Nerang race. He will also be rocking the new Turbo bars, Turbo micro adjust seat post, quick release Turbo seat clamp and Turbo chain adjusters.

  • Pro/Elite rider Michael Robinson will have his first Turbo Bike Co. frame kit next week. The frame kit will have his Lime Green (Team Kawasaki Green) Pro-XXL frame, Turbo Bars, Turbo micro-adjust seat post, Turbo quick release seat clamp and Turbo chain adjusters.

  • WA Pro/Elite rider Blake Schofield joins the Turbo Team. The current factory team for 2012 is Blake Schofield (WA), Michael "Tiger" Robinson (QLD), Tony Hancox (WA)... and Mark "Hacksaw" Wheeler on the USA Team. See all the riders decked out in the Factory Team red/white and black colours. Team jerseys were designed by Warwick Wheeler and the guys at Rad Custom Clothing.